All The Way Down, by Matthew Biederman

Scale Travels

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Our visual universe is based on light. From the stimulation of the retina by waves of light until its conversion into neural impulses and consequent interpretation by our brain we become able to perceive the world around us. However, before the light reaches our eyes, it is reflected, refracted and absorbed by the environment and context in which we find ourselves, creating phenomena that we interpret as fundamental characteristics of our world.

This exhibition proposes there is always room at the edges, both small and large, fast and slow, where both art and science explore the edges of perception and therefore our understanding. Using models and simulation algorithms of wave propagation and recently developed optical materials as points of departure for an exploration of colour, perception, and scale we can consider and reflect upon these phenomena.

Matthew Biederman has been performing, installing and exhibiting works, which explore themes of perception, media saturation, and data systems from a multiplicity of perspectives since the mid-nineties. His works have been exhibited in the US, South America, Europe and Japan, in a variety of festivals and venues.


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