A nano cry is as silent as our deepest dream. Is it a possible amplification? And is it significant? Measuring the vibrations, nano, hearing the language of nano-science, examining the potential of hearing and the ability to listen as an ancient battery of mankind. Invading a scientific language of nanoscience, the audiovisual work saw the poetic changes and the interviews with the INL International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory researchers during the period of AGF's artistic residency, expanding into an intertwined fantasy of th nanoworld.

German artist Antye Greie-Ripatti, also known as AGF, was in artistic residence at INL where she maintained direct contact with the objectives of the didactic and musical material she uses in the construction of the artistic installation she presented.

Composer, sound artist, music producer, curator, poet and feminist, lived and worked in the northern Finland.

The diversity of works presented by Antye is extensive and are based on the language, sound, hearing and voice : from audiovisual performances to sound, digital communication, cinema, theatre, exhibitions and conceptual works.


Antye Greie-Ripatti | LanguageHack

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Begoña Espiña is, since October 2016, the Leader of the Water Quality Research Group within the Department of Life Sciences at INL.