MATHIEU LE SOURD (MAOTIK)  | Wavelenghts of light



French digital artist Mathieu Le Sourd (Maotik) focuses his work on the creation of immersive multimedia environments and generative visuals. His work has been presented in various festivals around the world. He collaborates with musicians, sound artists and scientists to continue his research into the relationship between art, science and technology.

Wavelenghts of light is an exhibition that will present a series of interactive audiovisual installation focused on how frequencies of vibration define the way we perceive things.

Human eyes are limited to visible light as our ears to some frequencies, but as defined by scientists, everything in the universe moves and vibrates, everything around us is vibrating at one frequency to another. For this exhibition, new media frequency to another. For this exhibition, new media artist Maotik built Interactive devices and created generative content that will demonstrate that everything is alive around us and to make the audience feels like scientists in a laboratory.