Wavelengths of light

by Maotik



Over time, microscopes have become increasingly powerful, allowing us to see more deeply the "ultra-small" world. Researchers have access to a serie of new methods that allows us to observe the really little things using using electron beams instead of light, which allows them to see new materials in a more fundamental and unique scale, the atomic scale.

Wavelengths of Light is an interactive installation that interprets the different stages of an atomic analysis that the researcher faces in it’s scientific research. The goal is to improve our understanding in the material structure in this really deep scale world.

The audience is invited ideally to place the different patterns of composition under a microscope, using a joystick, and analyse the particle structure and its irregularities. This two-dimensional image captured in real-time by the microscope is used as a velocity field to generate the movement of micro-landscapes projected on the wall. By reflecting these particles in different angles, the system is able to map the exact location of almost all the atoms and present a three-dimensional reconstruction of the particles in a scenario that can be seen in virtual reality in the binocular microscope.

Mathieu Le Sourd, who presents himself as Maotik, focuses his work on creating generative immersive and visual multimedia environments.

As the Moment Factory's Creative Team Teader Mathieu Le Sourd has produced a number of large-scale projects, including a multimedia show at the new Los Angeles International Airport terminal and still visuals for a world tour of the Nine Inch Nails.

Always on the lookout for new challenges, Mathieu Le Sourd designs his own cutting-edge tools, generates animations through algorithms and creates 3D worlds to transform the perception of space. Among the usual collaborations we find musicians, sound artists, and scientists. These collaborations seek to continue their research using the connection between art, science, and technology. By using this research pattern that comes as an invitation to Le Sourd to join the Scale Travels program.

In November 2018, Maotik was in Braga for an artistic residency at INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, maintaining direct contact with the different categories of groups.


Head of Department of Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), Portugal.


Physics Engineer and Material Scientist with extensive experience in physical vapor deposition and advance electron microscopy.

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Research Fellow at INL and is a Materials Scientist with extensive experience in electron microscopy.


Research Fellow at INL. Was awarded the Marie Curie COFUND action and is working in the Atomic Structure-Composition of Materials group.

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Electrochemist and a Materials Scientist with extensive experience related to lithium-ion batteries and advanced transmission electron microscopy.